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Thoughts By Travis

Beyond Pissed
I am angry, pissed, appalled and almost beyond words. With the alt-right taking control of my government, I have to do something. That something is to vent-by-writing. To convince others to act with me to re-energize our Democratic Party and correct the travesty of Trump ascending to President.  By proposing ideas that will empower me and those around me to regain a centrist equilibrium among our political parties.  To end the alt-right's rise to power.

Hate. Bigotry. White supremacy. Anti-immigrant. Anti-LBGTQ. In 2016. 50 years on from the Civil Rights Movement, we are seeing the clock rolled back to the 1940's.  In 2016. For Fuck's Sake!

I say "my government". I say it proudly.  It is inclusive and the communal efforts we have made to allow our friends, relatives and  people we do not know to live their lives in peace and without fear.

Instead, we have assaults  on peaceful protesters. We have a startling rise in hate crimes committed against churches, against people of perceived color and ethnicity. We have neo-Nazi  gatherings with raised hands saluting the latest Goebbels, the latest Hitler. Your president.